Live blog: Ubisoft at E3

Unfortunately we're not at E3, but we're still watching and reporting live!

10:46 am: Aaaand we're done! I'll post trailers on the Arcade blog as soon as I get them.

10:45 am: "You just got a glimpse of Ezio's last stand against the Templars." Coming November this year.

10:45 am: Okay, this game officially looks awesome. The E3 crowd seems pretty happy with it.

10:43 am: Oh, but now he's on the flaming ships, which are falling apart. Run, Ezio, run!

10:42 am: Ezio's now behind a flamethrower destroying ships, awww yeaaah!

10:40 am: Ezio just threw a smoke bomb, but can still see the enemy clearly because they're glowing red, even though the enemy can't see him. Destroyed all three in a jiffy.

10:38 am: That trailer was extremely epic, is for nothing but the environments. Now we're getting into a gameplay demo. The gameplay graphics look similar to Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, even though the cinematics are better. Ezio's considerably older here.

10:35 am: This is Ezio's final chapter. The graphics look amazing, as do the environments. They're huge and mountainous - but this is obviously a cinematic trailer. No gameplay footage yet. (We'll post this trailer as soon as we can!)

10:34 am: Finally! It's time for Assassin's Creed: Revelations! This is what everyone's here for.

10:29 am: Rocksmith previewed. You can actually play a guitar and plug in your own instrument if you already know how to play.

10:26 am: Celebrity endorsements for Just Dance 3. Everyone's using the Wii for it - no Kinect or Move?

10:25 am: Priceman: "How can we invoke fear into the hearts and minds of an E3 audience? I think I have the answer: dancing."

10:23 am: Now four people are on screen playing together - this isn't currently possible with Kinect, so Ubisoft must be using the firmware upgraded version.

10:21 am: Here comes Raving Rabbids. Antoine Henry is on stage talking about Kinect integration with the rabbids. He's demoing on stage and another dev has jumped in to play with him. They're kicking rabbids in the head. "Now you see what I have to deal with," Henry says.

10:16 am: Looks like we're gearing up to some kind of social media announcement... related to a racing game? It'sTrackMania 2, and the environments look extremely cool. It's coming in September. The 'planet' is going to be shared across three genres - ShootMania and QuestMania games, too.

10:14 am: Ghost Recon Online is for PC, obviously, and looks like it's basically online multiplayer similar to Battlefield Play4Free.

10:13 am: "There's more to Ghost Recon than just Ghost Recon: Future Soldier." Ubisoft is launching Ghost Recon Online for free to complement Future Soldier.

10:11 am: The group is protecting the VIP - pretty typical shooter mission, but looks cool. You have to physically human shield him.

10:09 am: The character on screen goes into active camo to use a drone. You guide the drone yourself.

10:07 am: Is no one else sick of same-old military shooters? You're trying to gun down the enemy in a town full of civilians. Nothing new.

10:05 am: Gameplay demo starts with a guy snatching a drone out of mid-air from under the water. We're in Nigeria, trying to capture an enemy military officer.

10:03 am: Now we're looking at Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. Another "retro version" but it actually looks a lot newer than 20 years old.

10:02 am: On the plus side, the graphics look surprisingly nice.

9:59 am: Oh dear, Ubisoft is making the Tintin game to go with the movie. Peter Jackson has been working with Ubisoft to produce it. Jackson says they approached Tintin as a game the whole family can play. I'll pass.

9:57 am: Time for the Brothers in Arms: Furious 4 announcement. The first thing that happens in the trailer is a man receiving an axe to the face. I can only approve.

9:55 am: Oh, it's Far Cry 3. Having never played it before I wasn't sure. Looks cool though.

9:52 am: One of the devs is playing on-stage again. I guarantee I would die if I were playing in front of an audience this big.

9:52 am: Okay, so this is actually the first few minutes of gameplay, from what we can gather. And holy awesome, the main character just jumped off a cliff onto a guy and stabbed him.

9:47 am: Day Hay and Jamie Keen have taken the stage from Ubisoft Montreal to introduce what looks like a new title - you've been stranded on an island full of militants and your girlfriend's missing. Unsurprisingly, in the trailer you get captured by said militants. They're insane, and they admit it. And then they try to kill you.

9:45 am: Car chases! Explosions! Crashing cars! Racing on the Golden Gate bridge! "Traffic is unusually fast-slowing in both directions", the traffic report-style voiceover says.

9:44 am: Ubisoft show a "retro version" of Driver: San Francisco - how it would have looked if made 25 years ago. A screen flashes up that says "Please insert disc 2" - it's a floppy disc.

9:42 am: 90% of young people play video games and 40% of those are women, Priceman says.

9:41 am: Aaron "Mr. Caffiene" Priceman has taken the stage. Unsurprisingly, he's very enthusiastic.

9:39 am: The devs are visibly and audibly relieved to finish the demo. "This demo is crazy."

9:37 am: Oh no! Rayman's being chased by a giant sea monster! The devs breathe an actual sigh of relief when they get past the boss without dying.

9:35 am: Two developers are playing the demo co-op live on stage. Lucky for them, they're pretty good. It looks hard! They're navigating through a firey pit of lava and an ocean setting. "This one is difficult."

9:33 am: Ubisoft's head of development for Rayman is here to demo Rayman: Origins.

9:32 am: "There is no better industry than gaming, and there's no better time to be in gaming than right now."

9:30am: Yves Guillemot has taken the stage! Ubisoft is celebrating 25 years of entertainment.

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