Review: Roccat Kone Pure

The Roccat Kone Pure gaming mouse is designed for maximum customisability - you can change just about every setting you can possibly imagine.

NameGaming mouse: Roccat Kone Pure
At a glance:DPI adjustable on the fly,Easy shift mode functions like a Shift key,Features trophies – yes, achievements
Summary:The software is feature-rich, but the Kone Pure is otherwise boring.

The Roccat Kone Pure gaming mouse is designed for maximum customisability – you can change just about every setting you can possibly imagine. You can adjust the sensitivity of each individual axis in the Kone Pure software, for example, and it allows you to adjust the Windows mouse pointer speed without going into the control panel. You can also choose the colour for the LED lighting on the rear of the mouse, although you can’t cycle different colours the way you can with some other mouses.

You can assign each button on the mouse two different values, using the Pure’s easy shift mode. We’ve seen this feature on several gaming mouses before – you hold down a special button on the mouse and it acts as a Shift key. In the case of the Kone Pure, if you hold down what’s typically the ‘Page Down’ button on the left-hand side of the mouse, you can press another button and have it perform an abnormal task of your choice. For example, you might assign your ‘easy shift’ left-click to the number 1 and right-click to number 2 on the keyboard, so you can switch weapons in an FPS with your right hand, without having to move your left hand away from the WASD keys.

If you like to be able to change the mouse’s sensitivity while you’re in game – say to lower the sensitivity while sniping, or raise it so you can quick-turn – the dots-per-inch measure is adjustable on the fly. Not only that, but your computer’s speakers will play a clip that tells you the exact sensitivity you’ve switched to. That’s an extremely handy feature, as you often can’t tell whether changing your DPI has had any effect at all.

The mouse is marketed by Roccat as being useful for a variety of game genres, and it is handy for some of those. However, Roccat should reconsider marketing it as good for MMOs – it’s not. It doesn’t have enough buttons, and they’re not well-placed for MMO combat. Ultimately it’s going to be much quicker and easier for you to just use your keyboard if you’re an MMO gamer (or you could purchase a mouse built specifically for MMOs like the Logitech G600 or the Razer Naga).

While the Kone Pure is highly adjustable software-wise, physically what you see is what you get. It’s probably not suitable for those with larger hands, as it’s relatively small and you can’t change the width or length of the device. You’re also out of luck if you like to adjust the weight of your mouse – there are no weights to add to or remove from the Pure.

Bizarrely, the Kone Pure has one feature we’ve never seen on any other mouse – ‘trophies’. Yes, like the kind of achievements you’d see in a video game after completing difficult tasks. It also keeps a record of how many times you have clicked each button on the mouse, and shows you these stats on the trophy page. It doesn’t really detract from the mouse, because you can choose to ignore it, but it’s an addition that seems strange and pointless.

While the Kone Pure has loads of options available in terms of customising the software to your needs, physically it’s a boring product, and for the price we’d like to see something extra special about it, like weight adjustment. You can buy it a bit cheaper – we’ve seen it for as low as $85 at retail – but it’s not worth the full retail price. The Roccat Kone Pure is just okay – you can do better.

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