Quickflix launches in NZ

UPDATE: Quickflix adds more details about content deals, the potential for a DVD service, and how the service will work on its launch devices.

Update 11:44am:

Quickflix has no plans to launch a DVD service in New Zealand, the company announced today.

"Fatso are operating and there are potential issues for us around that," said Quickflix NZ's managing director, Paddy Buckley.

He also said there were issues with getting DVDs imported from Australia classified for rental.

The company also made some announcements about how the service will work on Sony Bravia TVs and the PlayStation 3.

On the Bravia TVs, the resolution will be set by the user's internet connection. Video goes up to 720p. If the user's internet connection is too slow, however, the user can manually set it up to play in 720p and leave it to buffer.

On the PlayStation 3, on the other hand, the resolution is set by the graphics settings on the console. As most users have the graphics set to HD, video should play in the highest possible definition.

'Smooth streaming', 720p content will be available on Quickflix's website for Mac and PC.

For those who don't have zero-rated Quickflix access, file sizes are shown in the synopsis of a video.

In terms of content, Buckley said plenty more was on the way, but HBO TV shows were a no-go because of Sky's licensing deals. However he hoped that would change in the future.

Buckley also said that not all of the company's titles were shown on the website, as particular, curated titles had been featured.

"At the moment some of the negativity is suggesting that's all we've got, and that's the end of it, and it's not," he said.

"So you've got series one, and number two, and you don't have number eleven of the series. Well, you just sort of start at the beginning. So there is a constant refreshing and there's curating and search engine refreshing and all the rest of it, so it's designed to make it a more friendly user experience."

The company will be adding about 100 titles a week.

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Siobhan Keogh

Unknown Publication




After seeing Quickflix in the paper I decided to try it.
I only wanted to use Pay per View but its has put me on a montly subscription.
I can't get pay per view to work.
And I haven't being able to get browse TV to work, it might be a firewall issue?
But it wouldn't let me watch a browse TV Blackadder saying it's not in my account.
And the only way you can cancel is ring them up.

I would not recommend it based on the problems I have had.

Is there anyone out there who has go it working perfectly?



An addition to my previous is comment.
I tried to get a Pay view movie twice but both times it said there was a problem.
However it still charged my PayPal account for both movies.
I looked at my paypal account and found that instead of being charged $6.99 NZ I was charged
$9.13 NZ. The $9.13 being $6.99 AUD converted.

I couldn't see anywhere it states that the prices are in Austrailian dollars.




Only $9.99? Yes, but that is the introductory price - then it goes up to $17 (Orcon, don't know about Slingshot). So it's a "no" from me!



wouldn't even let me sign up.

absolute fail launch quickflix.



I've had an email from Quickflix.

They have apologised for the problems I have had.
They have refunded the Pay Per Views that didn't go thru and were also charged in Australian dollars.
As a way of appology they have credited me with some "Pay per view" which I thought was nice.

So I might give them a try again next week, hopefully by then all the bugs will be worked out.
This is because they have some of the shows I want to watch.

The good thing is they owned their problems and are doing something about them.

Glen Towler


I have a account through orcon and the content is so old and the movies are not that great I don't think I will not be paying for this service first month is for free I will be cancelling my account later

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